Warm, crystal clear waters that are safe from dangerous currents make the Polis area ideal for swimming. A wide variety of beaches allows you to choose according to your mood, from secluded coves for when you want to be alone, to long stretches of sandy beach with rollers for bodysurfing.

There are two Blue Flag beaches in the Polis region, both run by the Polis Municipality. They are the Polis camping site and the municipal beach near Latsi harbour, both sandy beaches mixed with pebbles, with sun beds and umbrellas for hire, facilities for the disabled and lifeguards on duty. A newly-built walkway along the coast links the two beaches and makes a pleasant walk.

You cannot say you’ve been to every kind of beach unless you experience Asrpokremmos Beach, a 2 km beach between Latsi and the Baths of Aphrodite. For spectacular views of the bay and the crystal clear turquoise waters below, nothing beats the beach at the Baths of Aphrodite. Also pebbles and sand, it has warm shallow rock pools and sandy areas which are a pleasure to bask in. Both beaches fly the Quality Beach flag, as does the beach west of Latsi harbour organised by the Neo Chorio community.

The Akamas area is best for swimming off the comfort of a boat, from where you can explore a variety of hidden sandy coves, anchor and snorkel at the blue lagoon at Fontana Amorosa and jump off its cliffs. A trip to the golden sands of Lara, the turtle conservation bay, is a must if only to play in the waves that come rolling in from the west.

East of Polis a long stretch of sandy beach about 5 km long extends from Argaka to Nea Dimmata. Apart from a few spots with tavernas providing sunbeds, it is also a popular turtle nesting ground. Enjoy the waves, as here it’s great for bodysurfing, as well as for jogging.

The harbour at Pomos has one of the cutest little pebbly beaches you will see anywhere, with fishing boats anchored behind the breakwater and the sweep of the bay. The water here is deep and fresh, with rocky areas that provide interesting marine life for snorkelling, while the sandy beach at Pachyammos is popular with kitesurfers who take advantage of the strong steady winds here.