The island has perfect weather for cycling, especially between October and April when temperatures range between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius, while annual rainfall is also low. What’s more, the strong headwinds that are a bane to cyclists here are rare.

What makes this region stand out for cyclists is the varied terrain over short distances going along unfrequented forest roads allowing you to experience all kinds of surfaces with ease. One minute you could be riding on the top of a cliff, with just the sounds of nature around you and the glimpse of the sparkling sea in the distance, the smell of pines all around you, the next you could be down on the coast riding along a long straight stretch of road.

Suggested cycling routes:

Polis – Neo Chorio – Akamas
Starting point is Polis, goes to Neo Chorio and ends at the Akamas lighthouse – length 22 km; linear

Polis – Fasli – Polis
Starting point Polis, goes through Androlikou village, Fasli, Smigies picnic site, Neo Chorio village and back; circular

Polis – Argaka – Polis
Starting point Polis – goes through Argaka village, Agios Merkourios picnic site and back; circular