For a birdwatcher with a ‘world list’ of birds to see, Cyprus is a must-visit to spot the endemic Cyprus warbler and wheatear. There are also four endemic subspecies – the Cyprus scops owl, coal tit, short-toed treecreeper and the Eurasian jay.

The island has a bird list of 378 species, of which some are resident and others are migrant species that come here to breed. Cyprus is on the migration path for millions of birds flying from Europe to Asia and Africa in the autumn and back again in the spring. Spring migration starts around mid March and continues into May. Each week provides a different spectacle to look out for. You might see flocks of storks and demoiselle cranes riding thermals over the sea, hoopoes, larks and wagtails flying in, and various bee-eaters and swallows low overhead, while in the autumn huge numbers of raptors sail by. The autumn migration gets going in August with herons, egrets and ducks cruising along the coastline of the Polis region.

One of the best ways to ‘bird watch’ is to walk along the coastal track from the Baths of Aphrodite into the Akamas area towards Cape Arnaouti. Alternatively, the area around the Baths of Aphrodite overlooking the bay, is a good observation point. But so is lying on your sunbed on the beach anywhere along the coast when you can see the birds in formation towards the end of August and September.