Fresh water fishing is a very popular leisure activity in Cyprus as the country has over 20 reservoirs open to anglers and most are well stocked with a variety of fish such as trout, largemouth bass, carp, pikeperch, and roach. One of the largest is Evretou, only 10 minutes drive from Polis. Angling is also possible in Argaka, Agia Marina and Pomos dams. A licence is needed in order to fish, which can be bought online or from the Department of Fisheries, from where you can also obtain information on reservoirs, their locations, opening dates and times, restrictions and other useful information.

Sea fishing can be enjoyed all along the coast, as the sea around Cyprus is home to more than 250 species of fish, including snapper, amberjack and tuna. Popular places where anglers hang out are the Limni pier, Latsi harbour, as well as rocky coves where they can fish undisturbed. Boats can be rented at the various fishing shelters.