Indulge in the island’s delicious cuisine, a wonderful blend of Greek and Middle Eastern dishes. Polis being a fishing town, the speciality is, of course, fresh fish, and here you can find the best on the island. From sea bass to red snapper, fresh prawns and even parrot fish, grilled and served with the traditional oil and lemon sauce, it’s one of the healthiest meals you can have. A number of top class restaurants with wonderful ambiance under the vine serve gourmet international cuisines, as do the top hotels of the region. In town you can find several tavernas serving local cuisine to the sounds of local music and dance.

Do as the locals do by dipping a slice of village bread into a bowl of cracked green olives with coriander seeds or taramosalata. Try Cyprus’ famous ‘halloumi’ cheese with watermelon, for an unusual combination of flavours. Or go for everything by ordering ‘mezedes’, a lavish feast of local delicacies. You will be begging for them to stop before you even get to the desserts. Wash it all down with one of the local beers or wines. You’ll love the taste of the dark, sweet, dessert wine, Commandaria, whose origins go back to the depths of time. If you’re brave enough, have a shot of ‘zivania’ straight from the fridge. Made from highly-distilled grape juice, it is almost pure alcohol and packs a neat punch. Be sure to try the ‘loukoumades’, or honey balls that you can find at stalls during village festivals.

Don’t leave without buying a souvenir from A number of shops in Polis sell locally made artifacts, souvenirs and handicraft, including gold and silver jewelry.